“We must all have a poo face I suppose”

Your toddler’s poo face is a thing of beauty, a facial ballet, muscles stretching and squeezing top and bottom in perfect focused synchronicity and expungent force. 

A good poo face will quite literally stop your toddler in their tracks. A tilt of the head and a brief quizzical smile washed over with two parts utter concentration, two parts total befuddlement. If you do catch the look in your little one’s eyes you’ll see a glassy eyed WTF…

A really good poo face comes in stages: either an iterative step up through the squeezes each one more focused and intense than the next, or simple variations on a theme of confused straining, each one morphing seamlessly into the other like an expensive special effect.

Remember too you once pulled them in your infancy, and still do. No race,  religion, class,  caste or social ordering or background of any kind absolves you from the poo face. It is the leveller, the equaliser of all human kind. Take the time to love your toddler’s poo face and marvel in the beauty of our great shared experience.


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