This one’s for you George

Friend gets baby Chewbacca plush for his birthday.

Squeezing Chewie plush makes Chewie sound.

Baby ignores plush mostly for a while after trying to eat it first off.

Daddy dresses baby up as Han Solo with Chewie for photo op, baby looks grumpy, daddy despondant.

Daddy persists in squeezing plush to make Chewie sound.

Baby one day grabs Chewie on hearing Chewie sound and gives him a hug.

Baby now constantly grabs Chewie plush when it makes Chewie sound.

Mum points out Chewie on the Empire poster in the spare room.

Baby now points to Chewie plush and then Chewie on poster.

Baby starts pointing at Chewie plush and going “brrrrrr brrrrrr”.

Daddy finds random Chewie videos on You Tube.

Baby starts pointing at daddy’s phone going “brrrrrr brrrrrr”.

Baby placated by more Chewie videos.

Baby continues to demand Chewie.

Daddy has a bona fide reason now to watch Star Wars with baby.



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