Xenomorphic behaviour

The creature looms up over her. The lips pull back, the teeth revealed. The jaws open. A stream of saliva pours from the mouth, spills down towards the floor. The creature hisses…

Yup, Baby’s teething again.

That means drool. Lots and lots of drool. Alien drool. You pick baby up you’re left with tiny damp patches all over. The furniture, the carpets, nothing is untouched by an endless flow of salivary gloop. Somedays it’s like someone’s left the tap running.

Baby has a couple of other extra-terrestrial impersonations under his belt.

He doesn’t just do the alien itself, he also does a great Ash. Admittedly it’s the Ash at the end of the movie when Parker’s knocked his head off. Replace the cybernetic fluids with yoghurt and you have dinner time, baby led weaning style.

He also speaks a little Klingon: G’ah, and B’ah mostly. According to the Bing translator what he’s saying translates back into English as G’ah and B’ah.

It’s not all the hairy arse end of space fiends for baby though. He does do a great little Mogwai at the moment. Not rising guitar crescendos but the gargly little trills of the furry dude who should not be fed after midnight. He’s in copy mode right now so I’m working on getting him to do the full song but alas as yet to no avail. Perhaps I should get him to do Hunted by a Freak instead.